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About Link2u

What is Coworking?

In Brazil, Coworking, Shared Spaces or Private Rooms were until a few years ago something unknown to most people and very little disclosed. Nowadays, this shared and collaborative working model is gaining more and more space in the business environment.

Today, it is common to find more and more entrepreneurs and professionals who have chosen to work independently, either as service providers, consultants, freelancers or even small companies in embryonic stage, which find in the model proposed the solution to combine low operating costs and excellent infrastructure in an interactive, stimulating and creative environment.

Link2u Coworking, Shared Spaces & Private Rooms, being one of the pioneers in this sector since 2010, has always sought to disseminate and implement this modern concept of work and interaction space, sharing experiences and optimizing costs.

How about trying a new way to relate to your work and completely change the corporate world standards?
Reduce your costs and expand your business.



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